Westminster Financial Advisory, Corp

Westminster Financial Advisory Corporation is an investment advisor formed in 1987.  It is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

Investment Management

Westminster Financial is dedicated to building individualized asset allocation strategies to accommodate the needs of each unique client’s situation. Through our top-down approach, coupled with fundamental and technical analysis, we can utilize tactics in equities, fixed income, and derivative markets that fulfill client-specific needs.


We believe that it is critical to know our clients, their goals, and their financial objectives. Each client works with our team of experienced professionals to create an individualized investment policy statement (IPS) outlining the details of goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income requirements, and any extraordinary circumstances. Once an IPS has been established, our team builds an asset allocation model that best fits the client’s objectives and uses strategic asset placement to invest the capital.


Flagship 50 Stock Portfolio

Comprised of +/- 50 individual large capitalization stocks, this portfolio’s objective is to outperform the broadly-used benchmark S&P 500 Index.  Taking an industry sector approach, we overweight and underweight certain sectors based on our economic outlook.  After determining how much weight to allocate in each sector, we invest in stocks from those sectors accordingly.  Fundamental analysis forms the basis of our stock selection though we do use technical analysis to help in determining the buy and sell points of certain securities.  Call writing and put selling option strategies complement this growth and income portfolio well and can augment income and total return.

Dividend Leaders Portfolio

This portfolio invests in 25 stocks.  To be selected as one of the illustrious 25 the security must be found within the Dividend Aristocrat Index (an index comprised of 57 stocks (currently), all of which have paid and raised their dividends for 25 or more years consecutively).  This portfolio is more income-oriented as the focus is companies that have had the proven wherewithal to pay and increase their dividends for 25 years or longer.  Such companies are traditionally steadily growing companies, as opposed to developing companies experiencing explosive growth.

Asset Class ETF Portfolios

When investing, asset class allocation is the primary determinant of long-term results.  Two typical asset classes one might invest in are stocks and bonds.  We offer over ten asset-class based portfolios for clients who want to take advantage of the low-cost opportunities available to investors today through ETFs (exchange traded funds).  These ETF-based portfolios are also instrumental in many of the 401(K) plans ran by Westminster Financial.

Sector ETF Portfolio

This portfolio uses sector ETFs and active management to take advantage of the global economy’s different niches.  Sector ETFs give our clients diversified low-cost exposure to equity markets while our investment management team takes advantage of certain economic sectors as they outperform other areas of the economy based on the market cycle.

Dow Dividend Plus

This approach is based off the simplistic Dogs of the Dow process.  We look to own +/- 15 of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 30 stocks in this portfolio.  The 15 stocks typically have the highest dividend yield among the constituents of the venerable Dow Jones Index.  Call writing and put selling strategies work well to augment cash flow and total return in this growth and income-oriented portfolio.