Mutual funds that are sold with front-end sales loads often offer investors the opportunity to pay reduced sales charge is reduced are set by the mutual fund company and are generally termed “breakpoints”. As set by the mutual fund, the breakpoint levels can be reached through aggregation investments in specified related accounts. In order for a customer purchasing a mutual fund to incur the most beneficial (the lowest) front-end sales charge percentage, complete information relating to the customer and certain related accounts is necessary. The required information relates to the customer’s account and related and linked accounts and includes the dollar size of the pending transaction, the dollar size of anticipated transactions, and amounts previously invested in the specific fund and other related funds, valued as specified in the prospectus. Each mutual fund and family of funds can, in accordance with applicable law and disclosure requirements, set the terms concerning breakpoints. The terms for breakpoints thus vary from fund to fund. It is important that you inform your representative of any information pertaining to related or linked accounts you may maintain, your intentions regarding the dollar size of anticipated transactions and any previous investments in a specific or related fund.